Stats and studies  —  Profile of commodity sectors

Profile of Quebec’s supply-managed agricultural industry
(last updated July 2012)

Quebec’s 7,200 supply-managed family farms (milk, poultry, hatching eggs and table eggs) account for $3.2 billion in farm cash receipts, or 42% of total farm cash receipts in Quebec.

Number of farms 7,213
Number of owner-operator farmers13,823
Value of farm production $3.2 billion
Total number of jobs 80,058
- direct on-farm jobs
- upstream jobs
- in the processing sector (direct and indirect)
Share of total farm cash receipts in Quebec42%

Profile of the dairy industry

Quebec’s 6,242 dairy farms collectively market nearly 3 billion litres of milk annually. Each day, 278 tankers travel Quebec roads to pick up milk at the farm and deliver it to some one hundred dairy plants.

The dairy industry in Quebec generates major economic benefits, with a contribution of $5.1 billion to Quebec’s gross domestic product (GDP). The dairy chain provides more than 81,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs. These jobs are found in all regions of Quebec and contribute to the vitality of rural communities. In addition, it is estimated that Quebec’s dairy industry generates taxes of $1.2 billion for the federal, provincial and municipal governments, including $425 million for the Quebec government alone.

Number of dairy farms 6,242
Number of owner-operator farmers 12,678
Production volume 2.9 billion litres
Value of farm production $2.3 billion
Share of the Canadian market (volume) 38.3%
Total jobs in the Quebec dairy industry 59,828
Number of jobs in the primary sector 38,667
- Jobs on dairy farms 23,144
- with farm input and service suppliers 15,523
Number of jobs in the dairy processing sector 8,518
Number of jobs in the distribution sector (wholesale and retail) and non-processing sector suppliers (electricity, gas) 12,643
Contribution of the dairy chain to Quebec’s GDP $5.13 billion
- primary sector (farms and farm input and service suppliers) $2.5 billion
- processing sector (dairy processing plants and suppliers) $2.6 billion
Share of total farm receipts in Quebec 31%

Profile of poultry industry

Quebec’s poultry production sector has 760 chicken farmers and 137 turkey farmers. Per capita chicken consumption has now reached 31.1 kg, making it the most consumed meat in Canada. The turkey sector has increased its share in a meat market that has been declining for the past ten years.

Number of farms:
  - chicken
  - turkey
Number of owner-operator farmers:
  - chicken
  - turkey
Production volume:
  - chicken (eviscerated weight)
  - turkey (eviscerated weight)
279.4 million kg
31.8 million kg
Value of farm production:
  - chicken
  - turkey
$606.2 million
$71.3 million
Share of the Canadian market (volume):
  - chicken
  - turkey
Total jobs in the industry (chicken and turkey):
  - directs sur les fermes
  - en amont de la ferme
  - dans la transformation
Farm cash receipts after primary processing $2.1 billion
Contribution of the poultry chain to Quebec’s GDP:
  - chicken
  - turkey
$1,483 million
$235 million
Share of total farm receipts in Quebec:
  - chicken
  - turkey
1 75 farms produce both commodities

Profile of the hatching egg industry

Quebec hatching farmers produce and market more than 200 million eggs annually. All eggs are collected on the farms by hatchery operators who hatch them at their facilities in order to obtain chicks. 97% of the chicks that hatch as a result of the hatching process are used to produce broiler chickens. The other 3% will become table egg laying hens. The Syndicat des producteurs d'œufs d'incubation du Québec represents hatching egg farmers and their operations are found throughout Quebec.

Number of farms42
Number of owner-operator farmers 64
Production volume200.6 million eggs
Value of farm production $75 million
Share of the Canadian market (volume)28%
Total number of jobs in the industry:
  - direct on-farm jobs
  - with farm input suppliers
  - in the processing sector
to come
Cash receipts after primary processing $132.5 million
Contribution of the hatching egg chain to Quebec’s GDP$58.6 million
Share of total farm cash receipts in Quebec1%

Profile of the table egg industry

Quebec is the second largest egg-producing province in Canada. Its 3.7 million chickens lay 97.3 million dozen eggs annually, or 1.2 billion eggs. This quantity meets most of Quebec’s shell egg requirements. The average farm has 36,000 layers, compared to 1.1 million in the U.S.

Quebec has 23 grading stations which supply the table egg market, mostly with shell eggs, in addition to meeting the requirements of the processing market, including 3 major markets.

Quebec producers are diversifying their production to meet the needs of fast-growing emerging markets (Oméga 3, free range, organic eggs, etc.).

Number of farms107
Number of owner-operator farmers191
Production volume97.3 M dozen eggs
Value of farm production$167.9 million
Share of the Canadian market (volume)18.6%
Total number of jobs in the industry:
  - direct on-farm jobs
  - upstream jobs
  - in the processing sector
Contribution of the table egg chain to Quebec’s GDP$284 million
Share of total farm cash receipts in Quebec 1.8%

Note: These data have been gathered from several sources, including Statistics Canada, the UPA, as well as the federations and the syndicate.