WTO and Agriculture  —  Our proposals

GO5 is not against the globalization of trade, but it must be coupled with clear rules. It would be illogical for the WTO negotiations to cause the disappearance of a fair agricultural model that is not in any way responsible for the chaos prevailing on the world market today.

We therefore ask that, at the end of the current round of negotiations, the signatory countries of the WTO treaty maintain their ability to administer effective supply management. For Canada, this means the possibility of maintaining supply management for milk, chicken, turkey, table eggs and hatching eggs.

For this purpose, Canada must be able to maintain tariffs and tariff-rate quotas (limited, predictable quantity of permitted imports) at their current level in supply-managed commodities, as well as the right to administer pricing policies. Both of these conditions are essential to maintaining effective production management.

We propose that all the WTO treaty signatory countries introduce conditions that really allow 5% of their domestic market to be supplied by imports. This measure alone would result in an 80% average increase in the volume of agricultural and food products that could be traded worldwide without being subject to tariffs. That would be real progress!